How to Get Certified

Certified KAATSU Specialists can purchase specialized KAATSU Equipment such as KAATSU Master, KAATSU Nano, KAATSU Air Bands and KAATSU Aqua Bands.


Begin Your Training

Access to the KAATSU Certification and Training Program is limited to those who have purchased a KAATSU product package which includes the certification and training. Ready to purchase a KAATSU product package? Click HERE.

Take the Exam

If you have purchased a KAATSU product package which includes the certification and training, then you may take the exam.  This is an online exam, which is conducted right here at this website.  When you finish the exam, you will see your results immediately, so you will know right away if you passed.

Ready to take the exam? Click HERE.

Passing the Exam

You must receive a 90% score in order to pass.  If you initially fail the test, the correct answers to your missed questions will appear.  Take your time to learn the correct answers.  You can repeat the test, although some of the questions (and the order of the questions) will change.  The goal of the test is to confirm that you have a firm grasp of the course material.

Instructor Agreement

In addition to passing the exam with a score of 90% (or better), all candidates must agree to the Certified KAATSU Instructor Agreement prior to officially becoming Certified KAATSU Specialists.

Course Outline

The KAATSU Certification Program covers a lot of material.  For your convenience, we are pleased to provide a Course Outline to help you navigate through the course.

In case you do not pass the KAATSU Certification Exam on the first attempt, you will find the Course Outline very useful with respect to strengthening any weak areas in your understanding regarding KAATSU Training.  

Both you and your clients will be confident that your knowledge of KAATSU Training and the correct use of KAATSU Equipment is solid.

Your Exam Results

You will know your exam results instantly upon taking the exam.  If you received a score of 90% or better you will receive a congratulatory message immediately.  If you scored less than 90%, you will see which questions you got correct and which one you missed.  Simply brush up on the content for the questions that you missed, and retake the exam. (Refer to the Course Outline to review the specific training that you need.)

Your KAATSU Certification Certificate

Shortly after you pass the exam, you will receive a high quality, printable certificate in PDF format.  Your personalized KAATSU Certification Certificate will arrive by e-mail.  Simply download your certificate, print it off and then display it anywhere that you will be providing KAATSU Training Services to your KAATSU Clients, which you will be registering and serving after you purchase your KAATSU Equipment.

Correct KAATSU vs. Incorrect KAATSU

One of the reasons why it is important for Certified KAATSU Specialists to enter their KAATSU Client Training Stats is that it will enable KAATSU Global, Inc. to monitor whether they are doing KAATSU correctly or incorrectly. By entering your KAATSU Clients Training Stats, you are providing the necessary record keeping for us to insure that you are doing KAATSU correctly. At the 10th Annual KAATSU International Symposium, Dr. Jim Stray-Gundersen, M.D., the Chief Medical Officer of KAATSU Global, Inc., addressed a number of topics pertaining to KAATSU Training, including the difference between correct KAATSU and incorrect KAATSU.

KAATSU Clients Training Stats

Certified KAATSU Specialists and Instructors are responsible for entering the stats of their clients with respect to their progress.  If you are a Certified KAATSU Specialist and you are logged into the site, click here to access the KAATSU Training Participants Form to enter your KAATSU Clients Training Stats for your clients.  

Do I Need KAATSU Certification?

An important question to ask is whether you need to obtain KAATSU Certification.  The following bullet points provide a basic understanding:

  • Only Certified KAATSU Specialists are eligible to purchase KAATSU Equipment.
  • Only Certified KAATSU Specialists are authorized to operate KAATSU Equipment.
  • Only Certified KAATSU Specialists can register KAATSU Clients and provide KAATSU Training Services to them.
  • Only Certified KAATSU Specialists are authorized to manage KAATSU Groups or KAATSU Salons.
  • KAATSU Clients do not have to be Certified KAATSU Specialists in order to receive KAATSU Training Services, but KAATSU Clients must only receive KAATSU Training Services from a Certified KAATSU Specialist.


Requirements and Benefits

The following are the requirements and the rewards of becoming a Certified KAATSU Specialist.

  1. An individual must successfully accomplish two important steps to become a Certified KAATSU Specialist: (1) study and learn KAATSU through the KAATSU Certification Program, and (2) pass the online KAATSU Certification Exam. Everything you need to achieve this is located right here inside the members area of this website, and you will gain immediate access when you purchase a KAATSU product package which includes access to the KAATSU Certification and Training Program.
  2. KAATSU Specialists can participate in the annual KAATSU International Symposium and other KAATSU Specialist clinics and seminars.
  3. KAATSU Specialists learn to safely, effectively and properly conduct KAATSU camps, clinics, group lessons and training for individuals of all ages and abilities.
  4. KAATSU Specialists learn to explain the methodology and protocols of safe and effective KAATSU Training, the original form of restricted blood flow training.
  5. KAATSU Specialists can share information with other KAATSU Specialists around the world from Japan, China, Korea, U.S.A., Great Britain, Switzerland and many other countries.
  6. KAATSU Specialists can purchase specialized KAATSU Equipment such as KAATSU Master, KAATSU Nano, KAATSU Air Bands and KAATSU Aqua Bands.
  7. KAATSU Specialists can receive weekly updates from KAATSU Global about the latest information, data and trends within KAATSU and the restricted blood flow training community.

The KAATSU Specialist Certification Exam

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