Course Outline

Course Outline:
KAATSU Certification Program 

Below is a detailed course outline for the KAATSU certification training which will enable you to navigate through the training with greater facility.  There is more content in the course than what is displayed below, but we provide this outline to allow you to fathom the depth and the value of the KAATSU Certification Training.


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KAATSU Certification Program


  Course Outline
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Key Points About KAATSU


KAATSU Users and Equipment


KAATSU MASTER User Interface

KAATSU Protocols

Questions from Clients

Setting the SKU (SKU = Standard KAATSU Units)

KAATSU Leg Exercises

Benefits of “KAATSU”

Basic 3-Point KAATSU Exercise

Scientific Basis of KAATSU

Specialists and Instructors

KAATSU AQUA Certification Training

The following section of the KAATSU Certification Training is focused entirely on KAATSU AQUA.